Honda's hybrid technology has blossomed since the introduction of the first gas-electric hybrid to the U.S. market in 1999, Honda's original Insight. Today, the Accord Plug-In is one of the cornerstones of our environmental leadership efforts.

Eco Assist

Eco Assist™ helps car and driver work together like never before to improve your fuel efficiency. Push the green ECON button and your Accord Plug-In will automatically configure its engine and other energy-consuming systems to operate more efficiently. Eco Assist also features coaching bars around the speedometer that tell you how efficiently you're driving, while you're driving.


Earth Dreams Engine

The all-new engine that powers the Accord Plug-In has driven us to the forefront of automotive and environmental technology: the 2-liter, 4-cylinder Earth Dreams engine. It's responsible for the Accord Plug-In's incredibly efficient torque regulation and fuel combustion, and it helps the Plug-In obtain, mpg ratings that reinforce our reputation as an environmental leader.