The all-new Fit has been completely redesigned, and it’s ready for action.

Wider Stance

The new Fit looks like fun. It has a slick, new body design and a wider stance. And it all helps give the Fit a look that, for a compact car, is pretty tough.


Headlight and Grille

Unique styling and accents are everywhere you look on the Fit, starting right up front. The lines and angles of the grille and headlights are subtle details that give the Fit a lot of personality.


Alloy Wheels

Style is about attention to the details, and the Fit nailed every one of them. Like these beautifully designed 16-inch alloy wheels. They let everyone know this hatchback isn’t messing around. (EX and EX-L)


Smart Entry

Keep your keys in your pocket or purse when you're getting in or out of your Fit. The Smart Entry feature detects when your key fob is near the front doors. Just push the small button on the door handle to lock your Fit, and to unlock it, just give a little tug on the handle (EX and EX-L).