There are memories behind every mile in a Honda, and we’d love to hear yours. If your odometer has reached a notable milestone, this is the place to share your journey with others who have done the same. Congratulations—not every Honda travels 100,000 miles and beyond. The stories here don’t represent the average expectancy of every Honda. Everyone’s experience is different based on vehicle, driving manner and conditions.

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"228 and still runs great! "
The Woodlands, TX
Mileage: 228,000 miles
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What’s black and gray and driven all over? That would be my 2002 Honda Accord EX, a car that has been a dream as far as dependability goes. At a little over 228,000 miles, this little car is still as dependable as it was from the first day I bought it.

I purchased the car from a private owner in 2009. At the time, this Honda had surpassed the 100, 000 mile mark, yet despite the mileage, it was literally like buying a brand new car. The previous owner had kept the car in pristine condition and had attended to every maintenance requirement right on schedule. The leather interior and carpet were in great shape, so all I have to do is keep my Honda detailed annually so as to keep the interior looking pristine and polished.

Since owning my Honda Accord, I have faithfully changed the oil every 3,000 miles and have kept up with the service requirements, too. The only major repairs have been a wheel bearing and a timing belt replacement. The driver’s window quit working, but it’s nothing that cannot be replaced in the next month or so.

In 2012, a young girl rear-ended me while I was stopped at a light, so I did have to have some exterior body work completed last summer. It also needs a new paint job within the next year as it’s beginning to oxidize in a couple of areas, but overall the black exterior still looks as bold and fresh as the first day I purchased it.

Needless to say, it’s my intention to keep this Honda as long as it continues to run with little maintenance costs.

Kudos on such a great brand of car!