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A History in the Making

The Accord Legacy

In 1976, the first Accord was introduced. For a humble hatchback, it was a runaway success—winning over car buyers with its simple design and fuel-efficiency. It quickly became the best-selling car in America and continues to hold the honor, with over 13 million sold.

As a revolutionary car for both Honda and the entire auto industry, its performance, value and lasting power have been proven time and again. With a record 36 appearances on the prestigious Car and Driver’s 10Best list, the Accord is a testament to our passion for engineering around a people-first ownership experience.

Setting the Standard

For nine generations, the fun-to-drive Accord has consistently brought the automotive mainstream unforeseen levels of technology, fuel-efficiency, safety and reliability.

The Accord introduced the world to our V-6 engine, became the first car to pass strict Ultra-Low Emission Vehicle standards, and raised the bar with our Honda Sensing® suite of safety and driver-assistive technologies. From advanced powertrains to addressing environmental issues, these milestones have changed what American consumers expect in a quality automobile.

The Challenging Spirit

For over 40 years, the Accord has lived up to its reputation as a genuine innovator. Each generation has introduced the automotive mainstream to new and unexpected advancements, earning the trust of more American car buyers than any other vehicle during this time. Never resting on our laurels, this drive pushes us to continually develop world-class safety, efficiency and design.

The 10th generation Accord has been engineered to fully embody this purpose. With a new design approach and turbocharged engines, it’s the future of driver confidence and performance that defines the Accord legacy.

10th Generation

The legendary Accord gets redesigned inside and out, featuring sophisticated materials, next-level intelligence and Hybrid model updates–once again shaking up the perception of midsize sedans.

40 Years of Accord

When the first Accord hit American shores 40 years ago, it defined a new kind of car. Since then, it’s won 36 Car and Driver's 10Best and now sells at a rate of about one every two minutes.

10 Million and Two-Motor System

On March 20, the 10-millionth Honda Accord was built. Honda also released a two-motor hybrid powertrain that achieved 195 peak, concurrent horsepower and received a 50 mpg EPA city rating.

Safety Features with Style

This year saw two important safety advances: Advanced Compatibility Engineering™ ACE™ body structure and Vehicle Stability Assist™ (VSA™).

The First Accord Hybrid

The Accord Hybrid emphasized performance with the Honda IMA (Integrated Motor Assist). receiving better mileage ratings than its 4-cylinder counterpart.

Setting New Standards

In 1998, the Accord became the first automobile to meet California’s Ultra-Low Emission Vehicle standards, ushering in a new class of efficient, midsize cars.

Five Generations. More Features.

The fifth-generation Accord included world-class safety features, low emissions and improved environmental considerations. A year later, it got its first V6.

Best Seller in America

This year, Accord became the first vehicle from a non-US-based automaker to earn the title of America’s best-selling automobile.

From America with Love

The ‘88 Accord Coupe was built exclusively at the Ohio plant, making it one of the first domestically-assembled Japanese nameplate vehicles exported to Japan.*

A Vigorous Redesign

In 1982, Honda produced the Accord at an all-new plant in Ohio making us the first Japanese automaker to build cars in America using domestic and globally-sourced parts.

Honda Accord Debuts

Our first Accord was a hatchback that shocked the industry with its features, refinement and high sales. This was followed by a sedan model in 1979.



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2023 Car and Driver’s 10Best Cars

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2023 Car and Driver’s 10Best Cars

With an unprecedented 37th appearance on Car and Driver’s 10Best list, the 2023 Honda Accord celebrates an outstanding legacy of innovation, efficiency, and performance.

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