Detail of the 2017 Clarity Electric car charging port with charging cable plugged in.

    Clarity Electric comes standard with three ways to charge:

    • Get up to an 80% charge in 30 minutes with DC Fast Charging (SAE combo), available at many EV stations. The Clarity Electric is one of the only electric vehicles to have DC Fast Charging standard.
    • Level 2 (J1772) charging is the fastest, most convenient and least expensive way to keep your vehicle charged. Level 2 charging gives you the flexibility to charge your battery in just 3.5 hours* at home, office or anywhere there’s a 240-volt charger. To charge in the convenience of your own home, Honda recommends contacting a licensed electrician to install 240-volt, 30+ amp electric vehicle service equipment (EVSE). Visit QMeritCharging or Amazon.com to find EVSE installation services in your area.
    • Level 1 charging is also an easy way to charge, using any compatible 120-volt wall power outlet. Use the included charging cord to plug in and fully charge your battery in 19hours*.
    When you need to charge on the road, there are over 36,000 EV charging stations conveniently located throughout the United States. With the HondaLink app and PlugShare, they’re easy to find. For station-specific information, check out ChargePoint and EVgo stations near you.