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Honda Performance Development (HPD) adds performance to every product we develop, from grassroots to pinnacle; from the track and now to the street. The same innovation that has driven two decades of unprecedented success in pinnacle motorsports is at the core of HPD’s street performance brand. HPD’s products are for those who truly desire proven performance without sacrificing the reliability that comes with the Honda name. Click here to learn more about HPD Street Performance.

  • HPD Emblem / Decal Kit
  • HPD Sport Suspension Kit
  • HPD Front Brake Kit
  • HPD Supercharger (6MT models only)1
  • HPD Limited-Slip Differential
  • HPD Clutch
  • HPD 18-Inch Alloy Wheel2
  • HPD Sport Exhaust / Diffuser Kit
  • Front Lip Spoiler
  • Decklid Spoiler
1The HPD Supercharger System boosts the 2013 and 2014 CR-Z’s total powertrain output up to 197 hp (vs. 130 hp in the stock 2013 and 2014 CR-Z).

The HPD Supercharger System is available exclusively for the CR-Z manual transmission models ONLY and DOES NOT apply for CVT transmission equipped models.

The HPD Supercharger requires unleaded gasoline of 91 octane or higher, and an ECM/PCM software update. Use Honda Ultimate Synthetic 0w-20 engine oil.

Dealer requirements for Executive Order D-728 issued for the HPD CR-Z Supercharger by the Air Resources Board; the HPD CR-Z Supercharger System may not be installed on a new motor vehicle before the vehicle has been sold to a customer, or concurrent with the sale of a new vehicle to a consumer. This system may be installed (1) on a pre-owned vehicle at any time, or (2) on a new vehicle only after the vehicle has been sold to a consumer and as part of a separate transaction.

2Replacement tires required. Michelin Pilot Super Sport tires (215/40R18 89Y) are recommended but not included.

Engine Type:
Horsepower (estimated):
Torque (estimated):

Front Brakes:

Supercharged In-line 4-Cylinder
1497 cc
197-hp* @ 6250rpm
176 ft-lbs* @ 4850rpm
Advanced Limited-Slip Helical Gear Type
Carbon Semi-Metallic Six-Puck Street Performance Type

4-piston Aluminum Caliper / 300mm, Directionally-Ventilated Rotors
18-Inch Alloy Wheels
P215/40 R18 89Y
Lowered by 10mm
Front Spring Rate: 26.3 N/mm (150 lb/in)
Rear Spring Rate: 29.4 N/mm (168 lb/in)
HPD Supercharger Parts
  • Centrifugal Supercharger
  • Supercharger Pulley Set
  • Supercharger Traction Oil Cooler
  • HPD Airbox System
  • HPD Air to Air Intercooler
  • High Flow Injectors
  • HPD Washer Bottle
  • Centrifugal Supercharger
  • ECU Re-Flashed by HPD
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*Preliminary performance data presented; estimated +2/-4%.