The 2024 Honda Prologue:

A Sign of What’s to Come

The fully electric 2024 Honda Prologue SUV heralds a new era of electrified Honda vehicles. With versatility and driving range on par with our existing rugged lineup of SUVs, the adventure-ready Prologue navigates both daily commutes and weekend getaways with ease.

Watch the design reveal in the video below.


Digital rendering of the 2024 Prologue Elite with AWD.

Developing the Prologue in Virtual Reality

Step inside the Honda VR Design Studios and see our designers bring the Prologue to life using advanced virtual- and mixed-reality technologies.

Neo-Rugged Design for a New Age

Conceived by our LA-based design team, the neo-rugged styling of the 2024 Prologue nods to its spirit as a thoroughly modern SUV ready for adventure both inside and outside the city limits.

Digital rendering of the 2024 Prologue Elite with AWD shown.

Room for Even More Adventure

Beneath its panoramic roof, the spacious Prologue offers over 102.6 cubic feet of room inside the cabin. And with muscular 21-inch wheels and a wheelbase on par with our other rugged vehicles, this fully electric SUV is equipped with some sizeable capability.

Digital rendering of the 2024 Prologue Elite with AWD.

Endless Adventure, Zero Emissions

As a fully electric SUV, the Prologue is powered entirely by its rechargeable battery, which eliminates tailpipe emissions and the need for gas. Every time you drive, you’re effectively reducing your carbon footprint anywhere you go.

Digital rendering of the 2024 Prologue Elite with AWD.

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