Honda FCX Integrates Hydrogen Station Locating Navigation System
Users will be able to find stations using voice-activated system

Torrance, Calif. July 27, 2005

Honda announced today that all hydrogen fuel cell-powered 2005 FCX vehicles will be equipped with a Honda developed navigation system. This new navigation system is the first in the world to incorporate the location of hydrogen stations, including stations being developed as part of California's "Hydrogen Highway" Initiative.

Based on Honda's popular navigation system offered in many Honda and Acura models, this voice-activated system is standard on all second generation FCX vehicles equipped with Honda's originally developed fuel cell stack. It includes features such as the capability to find and display hydrogen (H2) stations through voice commands, including directions and driving distances. Offering national navigation coverage, the system currently includes a total of 26 H2 stations in its database with nine of them outside the state of California. There is also a feature included that will allow the user to add stations to their personal address book. As the infrastructure develops further, periodic system updates will be performed by Honda to include any new stations to the directory.

Honda recently delivered an FCX to the world's first retail customer, the Spallino family. The Spallinos' FCX, is the first to be equipped with a navigation unit. This marks another first in the development of a hydrogen economy by becoming the first retail consumer to utilize the H2 Highway.

The Honda FCX is the first and only hydrogen vehicle to ever be certified by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and California's Air Resources Board (CARB). The EPA certified the 2005 FCX as a Tier-2 Bin 1, and CARB certified the FCX as a Zero Emission Vehicle (ZEV). The FCX was the first fuel cell vehicle to be listed in the EPA's Fuel Economy Guide in 2003. The 2005 FCX carries an EPA city/highway rating of 62/51 miles per kilogram and a range of 190 miles. It also features the breakthrough capability to start and operate at sub-freezing temperatures as low as -4 degrees Fahrenheit, along with increased performance, range and fuel efficiency compared with earlier models.

Honda (NYSE: HMC) is one of today's leading manufacturers of automobiles and power products and the largest manufacturer of motorcycles in the world. With more than 120 manufacturing facilities in 30 countries worldwide, Honda now attracts nearly 20 million customers annually. More than 75 percent of the automobiles and light trucks that Honda sells in the U.S. are built in North America using domestic and globally sourced parts. Increasingly, many of these products are developed in America as well, including the Honda Ridgeline, Civic Coupe, Element and Pilot, and the Acura TL and MDX.

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