American Honda Sets New All-Time Sales Record
Honda and Acura post record December and full-year results

Torrance, Calif. January 04, 2005

Record December and full-year results for both its Honda and Acura Divisions pushed American Honda to a new all-time record year in 2004 with sales up 3.0 percent to 1,394,398 passenger cars and light trucks, American Honda Motor Co., Inc. announced today. The results mark the company's 11th consecutive year of sales increases. American Honda December sales of 137,381 jumped 30.1 percent over year ago results to a set a new record for the month, while light truck sales rose to a new single-month record of 57,762 SUVs and minivans.

2004 American Honda sales highlights:

  • All-time record American Honda total sales of 1,394,398 (up 3.0 percent)
  • 11th consecutive annual sales increase
  • All-time record light truck sales of 551,109 (up 3.7 percent)
  • 12th consecutive year of record light truck sales
  • Record single-month light truck sales of 57,762 (up 27.5 percent)

"It was one heck of a competitive year for the industry as a whole, but we are feeling pretty good about the outcome for Honda and Acura," said Dick Colliver, executive vice president of American Honda Motor Co., Inc. "The competition is not about to let up, but with Acura on a roll and great new products like the Honda Ridgeline and an all-new Civic coming down the pipe, we think 2005 will be another strong year for us."

Honda Division posted new all-time records for December and for the full year on the strength of record December results for Accord, Civic, Pilot, CR-V and the all-new Odyssey. Honda Division sales in 2004 were up 1.1 percent to 1,195,479 cars and light trucks, while December results rose 31.1 percent to 117,235. It marked the Honda Division's 11th consecutive year of sales increases. With Civic Hybrid sales up 17.5 percent to 25,571 for the calendar year and the addition of the all-new Accord Hybrid late in the year, sales of Honda hybrid vehicles rose 18.6 percent to a new record of 27,215 vehicles for the year. December sales of Honda's three hybrid models jumped up 97.2 percent to 3,167 units, bringing total Honda hybrid sales to 74,608 since the introduction of the Insight in December 1999.

2004 Honda Division sales highlights:

  • All-time record Honda Division sales of 1,195,479 (up 1.1 percent)
  • 11th consecutive annual sales increases
  • Third consecutive year of record light truck sales at 491,604 (up 3.7 percent)
  • Record full-year sales of Pilot, CR-V, Odyssey and FCX
  • Record single-month sales of Pilot and CR-V

The Acura Division posted its best ever month in December on its way to a new all-time record result for the full calendar year, including record full-year sales records for both passenger cars and light trucks along with individual records for the TSX sports sedan and MDX sport-utility vehicle. Acura Division sales in 2004 rose 16.0 percent over last year's record to 198,919 cars and SUVs. Record December sales of TSX, TL, MDX and the all-new RL pushed Acura to new December record of 20,146 vehicles, up 24.9 percent over the previous December, making it the best month Acura's 14-year history. With sales up 36.8 percent to 77,895, the Acura TL became America's best-selling luxury sedan in 2004.

Acura Division 2004 Sales Highlights:

  • All-time record Acura Division total sales of 198,919
  • All-time record full-year light truck sales of 59,153
  • All-time record full-year sales of TSX and MDX
  • All-time best month of 20,146 Acura cars and SUVs
  • R ecord December results for TL, RL, TSX and MDX