2005 RSX Super Street/Top Fuel

Torrance, Calif. October 31, 2005

A Top Fuel turbo kit is at the heart of Super Street magazine's entry in the 2005 RSX Challenge. The system increases power with an HKS GT ball-bearing turbo, Top Fuel custom fuel system, stainless exhaust and ported head. The block uses Darton M.I.D. sleeves, JE forged pistons and Carillo connecting rods, while an HKS F-Con V-Pro performs engine management duties. Power routes through an Exedy clutch and Kaaz limited slip differential to Hoosier tires. A carbon fiber styling kit from Top Fuel enhances exterior aerodynamics, while the interior features Acura A-SPEC floor mats, shift knob, rear trunk tray and dash trim kit in addition to the Bride Zeta III Type L seats and HKS gauges.

Powertrain Modifications Top Fuel turbo kit with HKS GT Turbine ball bearing turbo
. Top Fuel custom fuel system
. Top Fuel stainless exhaust
. Top Fuel ported head
. HKS F-Con V-Pro engine management
. HKS Iridium spark plugs
. HKS Twin Power DLI ignition
. HKS EVC V boost controller
. JE forged pistons
. Darton M.I.D sleeves
. Carillo connecting rods
. Kaaz LSD
. Exedy Super Single racing clutch
. PWR aluminum radiator
. PWR intercooler
. Raceline Development custom intercooler piping
. Raceline Development custom downpipe
. TC Sportline oil cooler
. Alamo Motorsports fuel pump
. Energy Suspension engine mounts
Chassis/Suspension Modifications Tein Type Flex coilovers
. Energy Suspension bushings
. 17x8.5 Advan RG II wheels
. Hoosier tires 245/40R-17
. G-Dimensions custom roll cage
. Type R sway bars
. 345 mm Project _ brake rotors
. 4-piston Project _ calipers
. EM Racing chassis braces
Exterior Modifications Top Fuel carbon fiber hood and fenders
. Carisma side skirts and rear bumper
. APR rear wing
. Body modifications by Sunny Styling
. Designhaus body graphics
. Super white paint
Interior Modifications Bride Zeta III Type L seats
. Acura A-SPEC floor mats
. Acura A-SPEC shift knob
. Acura A-SPEC rear trunk tray
. Acura A-SPEC dash trim kit
. HKS electronic gauges
. HKS turbo timer