GReddy Turbo Civic Si

Torrance, Calif. October 31, 2005

GReddy Performance Products is a leader in high-performance turbocharging, and this 2006 Civic Si is no exception. Featuring a prototype T517Z bolt-on turbo kit, it uses a stainless steel exhaust manifold and GReddy's e-Manage engine management system. A prototype Type 31V front mounted intercooler kit keeps the charge temperatures down, and an EVO2 cat-back exhaust system reduces backpressure. The system also includes GReddy's Profec B-Spec 2 boost controller, Type RS blow-off valve, iridium Tune spark plugs and a full auto turbo timer. The suspension is lowered with a Tein EDFC SS coilover system, and the exterior is enhanced with a Honda Factory Performance aero kit, Volk Racing GT-V wheels and Toyo RA-1 tires.

Powertrain Modifications GReddy prototype T517Z turbo kit
. GReddy e-Manage engine management system
. GReddy prototype Type 31V front-mount intercooler
. GReddy Type RS blow off valve
. GReddy EVO2 cat-back exhaust system
. GReddy Iridium tune spark plugs
. GReddy Profec B-Spec 2 boost controller
. GReddy Full Auto turbo timer
. GReddy silver 60 mm turbo and fuel pressure gauges
. GReddy oil and radiator caps
. GReddy oil block adapter
Chassis/Suspension Modifications Tein SS coilover suspension
. Tein Electronic Damping Force Controller in-cockpit strut adjustment
. 18x8.5 Volk Racing GT-V wheels
. 225/40R-18 Toyo RA-1 tires
Exterior Modifications Honda Factory Performance body styling kit
. Vinyl Mayhem graphics
. Mother's car care products
Interior Modifications GReddy counter-weighted 6-speed shift knob