AEM Bonneville Civic

Torrance, Calif. October 31, 2005

For decades, the unforgiving salt flats at Bonneville have been the site for ultimate feats of speed. Advanced Engine Management's 2001 Civic Coupe has proved itself at the flats, posting speeds over 200 miles per hour, and shattering the record for the H/BFALT class with a 195.818 mile per hour two way average. The car boasts a full metal OEM body with aerodynamic modifications to increase downforce and a full interior. Powering the car is a turbocharged alcohol-fueled B16A engine modified to 1.5-liters using Crower billet connecting rods, Arias custom 11.4:1 compression pistons, and a precision built head. The Garrett GT37 turbocharger features custom manifolding, and the car boasts two fuel injector rails, with RC Engineering 400cc and 650cc injectors, plus a set of two 1600cc injectors mounted after the turbo. AEM's Engine Management System and 4-channel CDI control ignition and fuel. An ACT clutch and flywheel ensure that power gets to the ground.

Powertrain Modifications 1991 Honda B16A engine, 78 mm bore and 77.4 mm stroke (1479 cc displacement), 10,500 rpm redline
. Golden Eagle Manufacturing HD iron sleves
. ACL main bearings
. Golden Eagle Manufacturing 3-main girdle kit
. Crower billet 4340 connecting rods
. Arias custom 2618 pistons (11.4:1 compression ratio)
. Gasket Works 0.032-in. copper head gasket
. Golden Eagle Manufacturing head studs
. Password:JDM 1991 Honda B16A head
. R&D Dyno CNC head porting and 3-angle valve job
. Ferrea 25 degree Super Flow 33.5 mm intake valves
. Ferrea 25 degree Flo super Allow 28 mm exhaust valves
. Crane dual valve springs
. Crane titanium valve retainers
. Ferrea valve locks
. Honda Civic Type R camshafts
. AEM Adjustable 3-bolt cam gears
. Love Fabrication Excalibur turbo manifold
. Garrett GT37 turbocharger
. Love Fabrication 4-in. downpipe and exhaust
. Tial sport 44 mm wastegate
. Edelbrock Victor Jr. intake manifold with staged induction
. Edelbrock 75 mm throttle body
. DSR mechanicall fuel pump
. AEM adjustable fuel pressure regulator
. AEM fuel filter
. RC Engineering 440 cc primary fuel injectors
. RC Engineering 650 cc secondary fuel injectors
. RC Engineering 1600 cc post-turbo injectors
. AEM fuel rails
. AEM Engine Management System
. AEM 4-channel CDI ignition
. "Coil on plug" CDI coils
. Denso iridium spark pugs
. Custom 24 gallon water tank
. Golden Eagle Manufacturing water pump block off plate
. Golden Eagle Manufacturing electric water pump
. Fluidyne radiator
. ACT Prolite XACT flywheel
. ACT 4-puck clutch disk and pressure plate
. GearSpeed Type I transmission with LS gearing
. Quaife torque biasing differential
. Driveshaft Shop axles
. Hasport engine mount kit
Chassis/Suspension Modifications Eibach coilovers
. Eibach anti-roll bars
. AEM rear disk brake conversion
. 17x7 Motegi Trak-Lite II forged wheels
. P215/50ZR-17 Toyo Proxes tires
Exterior Modifications Custom front air dam
. Custom rear wing
. Interior Modifications Sparco EVO-3 seats
. Sparco 3-in. 5-point cam lock belts
. JD Performance custom 9-point roll cage
. Twin Firefox 6.5-pound foam fire suppression system
. Jaz Products 12 gallon fuel cell