Skunk2 Racing Stealth Civic SiR

Torrance, Calif. October 31, 2005

If you have a Honda, and want to make it faster, Skunk2 should be on your shopping list. This Civic Si eschews extroverted styling in favor of a stealthy approach. Under the hood, it packs a serious punch with Skunk2 pistons and connecting rods. The head is CNC ported and includes Skunk2 Racing camshafts, cam gears, forged valves and titanium valve retainers. RC Engineering injectors and Hondata's ECU combine Skunk2's prototype exhaust and intake systems to round out the engine mods. The car's Stealth Black body hunkers down on its Volk Racing wheels thanks to Skunk2 Racing springs and Moton shocks. Inside, the stock driver's seat is replaced with a Recaro/Braille SPG carbon/Kevlar chair with a Willans racing harness.

Powertrain Modifications Skunk2 Racing forged aluminum pistons
. Skunk2 Racing forged 4340E chromoly connecting rods
. Skunk2 Racing CNC ported head
. Skunk2 Racing prototype camshafts
. Skunk2 Racing adjustable cam gears
. Skunk2 Racing forged stainless steel valves
. Skunk2 Racing titanium valve retainers
. Skunk2 Racing prototype header
. Skunk2 Racing prototype intake
. Custom forged aluminum flywheel with steel face
. Custom twin-disc carbon clutch
. RC Engineering 450 cc/min fuel injectors
. Hondata ECU
Chassis/Suspension Modifications Skunk2 Racing 1800 lb front, 2200 lb rear springs
. Skunk2 Racing Moton shocks
. Brembo Race 13-in. vented and slotted front rotors with 4-piston calipers
. Brembo Race 11-in. slotted rear rotors with 2-piston calipers
. Skunk2 Racing lower arm bar
. 18x7.5 Volk Racing TE-37 wheels
. 225/40ZR-18 BFGoodrich KD tires
. Skunk2 Racing alloy lug nuts
Exterior Modifications S2R Stealth Black paint
Interior Modifications Recaro/Braille SPG carbon/Kevlar seats
. Willans racing harness
. Titanium paint accents