Cool R Urban Assault Cooler Element

Torrance, Calif. October 31, 2005

Having a party? A really big party? Then maybe you need an Element-sized cooler. This Element concept, developed by Honda R&D, is literally a cooler. Extensive modifications to the stock body were required for this quirky concept. The top was removed, and the area behind the seats was modified with a bulkhead and special floor with a drain. It can be filled with ice to keep hundreds of beverages cold. In addition to the custom body work, the Cool R Element features special paint and graphics and a custom suspension that is lowered 3 in. over 20-in. Enkei LM series wheels.

Powertrain Modifications Honda Accessory JDM sport muffler with custom straight pipe
Chassis/Suspension Modifications Custom suspension using special damper assemblies
. 20x9.5 Enkei LM series wheels
. 275/40R-20 Michelin Diamaris tires
Exterior Modifications Custom chop top
. Custom paint
. Shaved and filled door handles
Interior Modifications Custom bulkhead behind front seats
. Custom bed with drain