Hasport Civic Si

Torrance, Calif. October 31, 2005

Hasport offers the widest selection of engine swap kits anywhere, even for such exotic swaps as a modern K20 engine into an 80s-vintage Civic. The company is also the motivation behind many race-winning and high-performance aftermarket efforts, such as this 2006 Civic Si. Of course the engine has been swapped, in this case for a larger-displacement K24A2. It was rebuilt with Crower rods attached to CP Pistons, ERL Performance sleeves and Crower cams and valve springs. A Jackson Racing supercharger and race header were also installed, along with a Hondata K-Pro ECU. Progress Group supplied competition coilover shocks and anti-roll bars, lowering the car onto its Enkei RPF1 wheels and Falken tires. The exterior styling is enhanced with a Honda Factory Performance body kit and a custom front splitter and rear wing.

Powertrain Modifications K24A2 engine
. Crower rods
. Crower cams
. Crower valve springs
. CP Pistons
. Jackson Racing supercharger
. Jackson Racing race header
. ERL Performance Super Deck sleeves
. Magnaflow cat-back exhaust system
. Hondata K-Pro ECU
Chassis/Suspension Modifications Progress Group competition coilovers
. Progress Group anti-roll bars
. 17x7.5 Enkei RPF1 wheels
. 225/45R-17 Falken RT615 tires
Exterior Modifications Honda Factory Performance body styling kit
. Custom front splitter
. Custom rear wing
. Seibon carbon fiber hood