High End Performance S2000

Torrance, Calif. October 31, 2005

This highly modified S2000 was built in conjunction with High End Performance and showcases products from a variety of aftermarket tuners. Engine modifications include an ARC intake system, Mugen header and HKS exhaust, while chassis enhancements are from Espilir, Cusco, Project _ and Spoon. The S2000's eye-catching exterior has been complimented with carbon fiber parts from Top Secret, J's Racing, Varis and Seibon.

Powertrain Modifications Alex engine torque damper
. Alex heat shield
. HKS Hyper exhaust
. TIR test pipe
. ARC induction box
. ARC chamber
. ARC radiator
. ARC radiator cap
. ARC oil cap
. Mugen header
. Sun Auto Hyper Ground system
. Sun Auto Hyper Hot Inazma Voltage
. T1R lightweight battery
. Spoon reservoir tank cover
. Cusco oil catch tank
. Sumco radiator hose
Chassis/Suspension Modifications Espiler springs
. Cusco chassis reinforcement bar
. Cusco strut tower brace
. Cusco lower member bar
. Spoon mono-block brake calipers
. Spoon brake pads
. Spoon caliper bracket
. Project _ brake rotors
. 17x7 front and 17x8 rear Work Emotion CR wheels
. 215/40R-17 front and 245/40R-17 rear Falken Azenis ST 115
. Rays lug nuts
Exterior Modifications Top Secret carbon fiber hood
Extreme Dimensions Carbon Fiber Trunk
. J's Racing carbon fiber diffuser
. Seibon hard top
. Seibon carbon fiber side mirrors
. Varis bumper with carbon fiber lip
. Varis carbon fiber side diffuser
. Varis Hyper Canards carbon fiber
. Varis GT Fender carbon fiber
. Varis Side Air Panel carbon fiber
Interior Modifications BRIDE ERGO1 racing seat
. Takata racing harnesses
. Veilside shift knob
. Nardi Type B steering wheel
. Splash Boss Kit steering wheel hub