Serenity Sound and Performance Element

Torrance, Calif. October 31, 2005

Serenity Sound and Performance has a strong background in building show-stopping cars. This Element's engine is modified with an AEM cold air intake system and SUN Auto's huyper voltage and grounding systems. The lowered stance is thanks to Intrax sport springs. The in car audio features a Panasonic CD player, four LCD TV monitors, powerful ARC amps and 10-in Boston Acoustics subwoofers for the ultimate in vehicle entertainment.

Powertrain Modifications AEM cold air intake system
. SUNAuto Hyper Voltage system
. SUNAuto grounding system
Chassis/Suspension Modifications Intrax sport lowering springs
. 19x87 Axis mod wheels
. 245/40-19 Hankook K104 tires
Exterior Modifications Vinyl Mayhem
Interior Modifications Panasonic CFQ-8300 CD player
. MobileTV in-dash 7-in. monitor
. MobileTV 8-in. ceiling mount flip down monitor
. MobileTV 6.5-in. and 5.8-in. headrest monitor
. ARC Audio 400.2 2-channel amplifier
. ARC Audio 1000.2T bass amplifier
. Boston Acoustics 10-in. subwoofers
. Tsunami grilles, wires and interconnects