Honda FCX Clarity - Main Specifications

Torrance, Calif. November 14, 2007

Model type Honda fuel cell vehicle
Name FCX Clarity
Overall length (inches) 190.3
Overall width (inches)
Overall height (inches) 57.8
Wheelbase (inches) 110.2
Tread (front/rear, inches) 62.2/62.8
Vehicle weight (pounds [kg]) 3,582 [1,625]
Number of occupants 4
Performance Maximum speed (mph)
Vehicle range, previous EPA approved method (miles)*
Powertrain Drive method Front-wheel drive
Motor Type AC synchronous electric motor (permanent magnet)
Max. output (kW [HP]) 100 [134]
Max. torque (N·m [kg·m]) 256 [26.1]
Fuel cell stack Type PEMFC (Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cell)
Max. output (kW)* 100
Lithium-ion battery Voltage (V)* 288
Fuel Type Compressed hydrogen gas

Storage High-pressure hydrogen tank

Tank capacity (L) 171

Max. pressure when full (MPa) 35
  • Specifications subject to change prior to production
  • Preliminary EPA mileage estimates determined by Honda. Final EPA mileage estimates not available at the time of printing. Use for comparison purposes only. Mileage will vary depending on how the vehicle is driven.
  • Specifications are determined in accordance with procedures proscribed in Road Transportation Motor Vehicle Law, except where marked by an asterisk (*) indicating Honda test values.
  • FCX, Clarity, Honda FC Stack, V Flow FC Platform, InterNavi System, and VSA are registered trademarks of Honda Motor Co., Ltd.
  • Manufacturer: Honda Motor Co., Ltd.