American Honda Reports September Sales

TORRANCE, Calif. October 01, 2008

American Honda Motor Co., Inc., posted September vehicle sales of 96,626, a decline of 20.9 percent compared to September 2007 results. American Honda year-to-date sales of 1,180,583 represent a 1.1 percent decrease.

"This September was an incredibly volatile month for Wall Street," said Dick Colliver, executive vice president of sales for American Honda. "Obviously, no one is immune to market shifts as dramatic as we have been seeing."

Honda Division posted September sales of 86,629, a decline of 20.0 percent versus September 2007. Honda total car sales decreased by 18.5 percent to 50,611. Honda light truck sales decreased 22.0 percent to 36,018. The Fit achieved a September record of 6,515, up 48.7 percent in its first full month available as a completely redesigned 2009 model.

The Acura Division posted sales of 9,997, a decrease of 27.5 percent compared to September 2007.

*The daily selling rate is calculated with 24 days for September 2008 and 25 days for September 2007. The year-to-date daily selling rate is calculated with 230 days for 2008 and 230 days for 2007. All percentages represent the daily selling rate.

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