Honda Automobiles search answers questions that are worded in a variety of ways, and provides different types of answers depending on the question that's asked.

Here are some tips and guidelines about asking questions and getting answers:
Make your questions concise.
Our search feature works best when you ask a simple question and include significant keywords.
Enter a keyword in the question, even if you are looking for general information.
For example:
If you are interested in a particular model and feature, enter both keywords in the question for better results.
For example:
accord warranty
civic accessories
ridgeline towing
pilot mpg
We can provide better results if you enter several significant keywords. However, we do not recommend that you enter more than three keywords per question.
For example:
accord hybrid navigation
civic coupe accessories
CR-V exterior colors
Use correct spelling.
Correct capitalization is not required, but it can sometimes help us locate names and acronyms.
Boolean operators are not necessary.
Many search engines use words and symbols (such as AND, NOT, +, and -) as logical operators to define complex searches. Honda Automobiles search does not rely on logical operators to construct search queries; we treat these words as ordinary parts of the question.