Elegance and efficiency that excites. It’s hybrid electric, but all Accord.

Uniquely Hybrid Touches

The Accord Hybrid echoes the refined style of the Accord Sedan. But it also has a number of hybrid-only design elements, like a blue-accented front grille and headlights.


Aerodynamic Advantage

The Accord Hybrid maximizes efficiency and style with a number of aerodynamic details, such as the decklid spoiler.


Smart Entry

Keep your keys in your pocket or purse when you’re getting in or out of your Accord Hybrid. The Smart Entry feature detects when your key fob is near the front doors, allowing you to lock and unlock your doors with greater convenience and ease.


Alloy Wheels

Beautifully designed alloy wheels come standard on the Accord Hybrid, and they add a nice touch of luxury and sophistication.