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Close-Ratio 6-Speed Manual Transmission
Honda engineers designed a close-ratio 6-speed manual transmission for the S2000. Slick, tough, carbon synchronizers smooth the way, and the overall gear ratios have been chosen for strong acceleration in lower gears.
Double Wishbone Suspension with Coil Springs
The 4-wheel double wishbone suspension system used on the S2000 contributes greatly to its exceptional handling. The system consists of upper and lower wishbone arms at each wheel, with calibrated coil-over spring/damper units and anti-roll bars.
High X-Bone Monocoque Frame
Body rigidity is crucial to good handling in an open-top roadster, so Honda engineers designed a highly rigid monocoque frame for the S2000. The heart of the structure is a large central tunnel that runs down the middle of the cockpit, which serves as the backbone and main load-bearing structure for the vehicle. The body’s high side sills and innovative diagonal (X-bone) bracing at the front and rear of the cockpit provide additional rigidity. Suspension and drive loads from the wheels are fed directly into this structure via highly rigid subframes at the front and rear of the vehicle.