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Premier Performance
Nothing exemplifies Honda racing skill and ingenuity like the S2000 CR “Club Racer.” A firmer suspension, quicker steering ratio and fully functional front and rear spoilers have been specially designed to connect driver, vehicle and road.
The CR is a true competitor. Feel free to maximize its potential at club racing events.
A purist’s dream, the factory-tuned CR sports an aerodynamic design and stiffer suspension settings for increased rigidity and downforce. The CR proudly draws upon the S2000’s racing heritage, but delivers more in terms of sheer performance.
With racecar-like suspension and lower weight, the CR’s performance is second to none. Drivers rave about its cornering, braking and acceleration. To accomplish this, the audio system and air conditioning are offered as options and the spare tire has been replaced with a tire-repair kit. This, along with other modifications, lightens the racy roadster by nearly 100 pounds from the original S2000. Add in a taut new chassis, quicker steering ratio, “stickier” tires, and track-inspired has never felt so meaningful.
  • Firmer springs and dampers
  • Stiffer front and rear stabilization bars
  • Quicker steering ratio
  • Larger rear P255/40 R17 tires
  • Bridgestone Potenza RE070 tires
  • All-new 17" dark gray 5-spoke alloy wheels
  • Fully functional aerodynamic front and rear spoilers
  • Yellow and black fabric
  • Yellow-stitched seats, shift boot and steering wheel
  • Spherical aluminum shift knob
  • Removable aluminum hardtop
  • Body-colored roll-bar cowlings
  • Sport-tuned exhaust silencer
  • Skidpad pulls .95G
  • Slalom speed 71mph
  • Coefficient of lift reduced approximately 70% over original S2000
  • Over 2-seconds per lap faster around Japan’s Tsukuba Raceway than the original S2000