Every Honda is designed with the driver in mind, which means you can expect our high-tech and convenient features to be right where you want them. Our goal is for each of our vehicles to offer the highest levels of comfort, refinement and sophistication.

7-Inch Display Audio

The 7-inch Display Audio has a touch-screen interface that functions similarly to a smartphone. Tap on a menu option—Phone, Info, Audio, Settings, HondaLink®[1] and then pinch or swipe the screen to use its intuitive features.

[1] Check the HondaLink® website for smartphone compatibility and access to the Display Audio Interface.


Honda LaneWatch™

Improve your passenger-side visibility with the Honda LaneWatch™ system[1]. The tiny camera on the passenger-side mirror automatically activates when you signal to change lanes to the right, and it can be manually activated at any time. With live video on the Display Audio screen, it covers nearly four times more area than the view from the passenger-side mirror alone.

[1] Display accuracy will vary based on weather, size of object and speed, and the display may not show all relevant traffic. The display is not a substitute for your own direct visual assessment of traffic conditions before changing lanes.


ECON Button

Could there be a quicker and easier way to save? Just push the big green button. In ECON mode, the engine and other energy-consuming systems are automatically configured to operate more efficiently. Need more zip? Push it again to return to regular mode.


intelligent Multi-Information Display (i-MID)

The intelligent Multi-Information Display (i-MID) communicates with virtually all your vehicle’s systems. The 5-inch screen can display your music information from Pandora®[1] or the USB Audio Interface[2]. It’s also where you customize many settings, including uploading a digital photo for the i-MID’s wallpaper.

[1] Pandora, the Pandora logo, and the Pandora trade dress are trademarks or registered trademarks of Pandora Media, Inc. Used with permission. Compatible with select smartphones. See: www.pandora.com/everywhere/mobile. Not all devices compatible with USB connection. Your wireless carrier's rate plans apply.

[2] The USB Audio Interface is used for direct connection to and control of some current digital audio players and other USB devices that contain MP3, WMA or AAC music files. Some USB devices with security software and digital rights-protected files may not work. Please see your Honda dealer for details.

Drive responsibly. Some state laws prohibit the operation of handheld electronic devices while operating a vehicle. For safety reasons, always launch your audio application or perform any other operation on your phone or audio device only when the vehicle is safely parked.


Rearview Camera with Guidelines

Every Civic Natural Gas is equipped with a rearview camera[1].

[1] Always visually confirm that it is safe to drive before backing up; the rearview camera display does not provide complete information about all conditions and objects at the rear of your vehicle.


SMS Text Message Function

Want a better way to receive text messages on the road? Let the SMS text message function[1] manage them for you. Once your compatible phone is connected, you’ll receive an alert when incoming messages are received. You will also have the choice of displaying them (if stopped), having them read aloud or saving them for later.

[1] Compatible with select phones with Bluetooth®. Your wireless carrier's rate plans apply. State or local laws may limit use of texting feature. Only use texting feature when conditions allow you to do so safely.