The Remote Engine Start System is designed to provide convenience for Honda owners living in cold or hot climate conditions. With the Honda Remote Engine Start System, you can start your Honda from a range of up to 200 feet away knowing that the doors are locked at all times while your engine is warming up. The remote includes an LCD display that indicates your vehicle's status. A comprehensive check is done before the engine can be started from your remote. All security and immobilizer systems are intact to ensure protection. This can't be said with aftermarket products.

Safety First
The Honda Remote Engine Start System has a number of safety features built-in:

With our Back-Up Sensors, you'll soon be zipping in and out of parking spots you may have previously passed over as too small. Help yourself in or out of a tight spot, while helping to protect your paint (and the paint on other people's cars too).
The perfect enhancement to match the aggressive aerodynamics of your Honda. Matching the original factory specifications, the Tailgate Spoiler gives the perfect custom-finished look.

With Honda's Wheel Locks, you can help protect your alloy wheels, or even the stock ones. They're a great theft deterrent.

Our custom wheels undergo stringent testing to match the tough requirements of the Society of Automotive Engineers (S.A.E.), Japan Wheel Light Metal (J.W.L), and Honda.

Give your CR-V a sporty look with the Chrome Exhaust Finisher.
The Roof Rails, along with the Crossbars can securely haul items on top of your CR-V depending on your choice of roof attachment.

Keep wet, sloppy skis from dirtying the interior of your vehicle. The lockable Ski Attachment can securely carry up to four pairs of skis and poles if your bindings offer enough clearance.
The Snowboard Attachment offers the best way to transport your snowboards.It's fully adjustable to accommodate all board sizes and widths.
The Crossbars are designed to fit with the Roof Rails. They are made to accommodate the Honda Roof Rail Attachments for versatile use.

The cradle design of our Surfboard Attachment provides a lateral stability, so your board is held snugly.

The Bike Attachment-Roof Mount allows you to transport your bicycle without having to take it apart. Two Bike Attachment-Roof Mounts can be added to the Roof Rack. Fits most adult bicycles.

The Kayak Attachment allows you to carry a full-sized kayak securely on the roof. The soft, adjustable saddles firmly cradle your kayak, while the reinforced straps allow for lateral stability.
The Short Roof Box provides additional storage space for bulky items, such as camping gear and duffle bags.
For increased side splash protection and an aggressive look, add a set of Running Boards.

Trailer Hitch Ball is not included in Towing Kit.
Trailer Hitch Ball is not included in Towing Kit.
Increase your cargo options with a Trailer Hitch. Check your Owner's Manual for more details on towing with your Honda.

The Splash Guard Set gives your Honda a great look, and the protection they provide helps to keep the finish looking sharp.

Loose rocks and pebbles, insects, and other road debris are not good for your car's finish. Honda's Nose Mask snugly covers the exposed front section of your vehicle, helping to protect it from all these elements.
Add a rugged, sport look to the new CR-V.

Add a rugged, sport look to the new CR-V.

Individualize your CR-V while adding a sportier appearance with a Hood Air Deflector.

Honda manufactured components ensure a precise fit.
A creative way to turn your Honda into a durable camping system.

Fog Lights are great for cutting through adverse weather conditions, and aiding your visibility. Honda's Fog Lights use an integrated design for a factory-installed appearance.
The Body Side Molding accentuates the CR-V's styling.

The Door Edge Guards protect your Honda from nicks and scrapes.
With the Moonroof Visor, you get a sleek, aerodynamic look while reducing wind noise and glare, for an even better driving experience.
Door Visors allow you to enjoy some fresh air, even when the weather isn't ideal. Available in front and rear window kits.
If you're frequently out in nature's elements, the All-Season Floor Mats are for you. They offer the ultimate protection for your CR-V's carpeting.

Keep your grocery bags upright, and hold most loose items securely. With the Cargo Net, you'll help protect the belongings in the cargo area of your new Honda.

The Cargo Organizer offers a more rigid way to store your items in the back section of your CR-V.

Protect the original carpeting of the rear cargo area with this custom-fit Cargo Tray, and give yourself some additional versatility for all your hauling needs.
The Rear Seat Covers offer protection with style.
The Auto Day/Night Mirror helps to reduce the glare of bright headlights from the cars behind you - without having to lift a finger.

This First-Aid Kit includes a first-aid manual and basic first-aid supplies to manage minor injuries.