The Tailgate Spoiler is all about style. Miles of it. It complements the CR-Z's aerodynamic styling for an even sportier, more unique look.
The CR-Z is bold, but you can go even bolder with Side Spoilers.You're into real custom territory here.
The perfect way to add extra wow factor to your new Honda. Alloy wheels not only look amazing, they can help ensure the longevity of wheel bearings, suspension joints, and wheels. Wheels are stringently tested to match all Honda requirements as well as those from the Society of Automotive Engineers.
The best way to ensure that your great looking wheels stay on your Honda where they belong.
Body Side Molding accentuates the CR-Z's styling, but there's more to it than just good looks. It's ideally positioned where the side panel extends out the most in order to help protect against door dings and scratches.
Help keep sun and rain, frost and hail, birds, tree sap, dust, and pollution from damaging your new car's finish with a Car Cover.
Help protect against unsightly nicks and scrapes around your door edges with Door Edge Film.
Splash Guards are a nice finishing touch. They give your Honda a great look and help protect your paint from chips and stains.
Save yourself the disappointment of a scratched bumper with the Rear Bumper Appliqué. It provides extra protection when loading and unloading the trunk.
Help protect the exposed front section of your new ride from rocks and pebbles, road debris, and insects with a snug fitting vinyl Nose Mask.
Fog Lights can add visibility crucial in navigating poor weather conditions, including rain and snow as well as dense fog.
The Rear Diffuser Spoiler is all about style, adding a decidedly aggressive look to the rear of your CR-Z.
You'll find the most worthwhile listening on XM ? rock, classical, hip-hop, jazz, politics, public radio, sports, news, and everything in between. It also now offers the optional Best of SIRIUS.
Wet boots. Muddy shoes. Dog hair. No problem. All Season Floor Mats act as a protective layer between nature and your original carpets.
The Cargo Tray helps protect the floor in the rear storage area from accidental spills that can happen during sharp turns and quick stops.
A finishing touch that is subtle, tasteful, and definitely upscale, the Illuminated Door Sill Trim dresses up the interior while protecting the lower door sill from scuff marks.
Make a great first impression when you open the door with brushed stainless steel Door Sill Trim. It lends a touch of luxury styling and also adds protection from scuffing.
The Cargo Mat creates a finished look while adding an important extra layer of protection to the rear cargo area.
It's a comfortable armrest and a convenient storage space to put all those smaller items that usually end up rolling around on the floor or dash ? pens, lipstick, coins, gum, maps and notes, etc.
This First Aid Kit includes a first aid manual and basic first aid supplies to manage minor injuries.
A car is fast approaching from the rear. Headlights begin to blind you. No worries. The Auto Day/Night Mirror automatically darkens to reduce the glare.