Wet boots. Muddy shoes. Dog hair. No problem. All Season Floor Mats act as a protective layer between nature and your original carpets.
The Cargo Tray helps protect the floor in the rear storage area from accidental spills that can happen during sharp turns and quick stops.
A finishing touch that is subtle, tasteful, and definitely upscale, the Illuminated Door Sill Trim dresses up the interior while protecting the lower door sill from scuff marks.
Make a great first impression when you open the door with brushed stainless steel Door Sill Trim. It lends a touch of luxury styling and also adds protection from scuffing.
The Cargo Mat creates a finished look while adding an important extra layer of protection to the rear cargo area.
It's a comfortable armrest and a convenient storage space to put all those smaller items that usually end up rolling around on the floor or dash ? pens, lipstick, coins, gum, maps and notes, etc.
This First Aid Kit includes a first aid manual and basic first aid supplies to manage minor injuries.
A car is fast approaching from the rear. Headlights begin to blind you. No worries. The Auto Day/Night Mirror automatically darkens to reduce the glare.