In developing the FCX Clarity Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle (FCEV), Honda has managed to strike the perfect balance between futuristic technology and the very human desire for a thrilling ride. The result amounts to zero emissions and maximum driving experience.

Yes, the FCX Clarity FCEV is the car of the future, but it's already on the road today.
Shaping Standards
This dynamic full-cabin sedan was designed to set the sedan standard for the next century. The aggressive front end features a 6-sided grille and the whole package is wrapped up in a sophisticated, rich color we call Star Garnet Metallic.
Back to the Future
Even from the rear, this vehicle commands attention. Elegantly tapered passenger cabin lines complement the accentuated fender flares. A high center slopes down lower at the fenders. And in the back you’ll find an under-trunk storage well, offering a convenient place to store valuables away from prying eyes. Honda adds another first with the addition of refractive rear privacy glass on part of the trunk, which helps the driver see better through the rear view.
Secret Ingredients
The hood, trunk, doors and fenders are crafted with aluminum to lighten the load and increase efficiency. Front and rear subframes are made from extruded aluminum to heighten this effect. Ultra-lightweight 5-spoke aluminum-alloy wheels enhance aerodynamics.