With a chart-topping EPA-certified 61 mpg equivalent (60-mile per Kg), the FCX Clarity FCEV is capable of traveling up to 240 miles before refueling.* Of course, your mileage and range will vary based on driver use and vehicle condition.
When you do need fuel, it's easy and safe to get it at one of the designated hydrogen refueling stations in your area. While we're all familiar with gasoline being dispensed by the gallon, gaseous hydrogen, as used by FCX Clarity FCEV, is dispensed in kilograms. For comparison purposes, one kilogram is virtually the same as one gallon of gas. The fill-up only takes a few minutes.

Honda is also working toward a future where you may be able to fuel up right in your own garage using a Home Energy Station.
*Fuel economy estimates and driving range based on EPA test data. Your actual driving distance will vary depending on how you drive and maintain your vehicle.