There are memories behind every mile in a Honda, and we’d love to hear yours. If your odometer has reached a notable milestone, this is the place to share your journey with others who have done the same. Congratulations—not every Honda travels 100,000 miles and beyond. The stories here don’t represent the average expectancy of every Honda. Everyone’s experience is different based on vehicle, driving manner and conditions.

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"The Accord that needed a Home :-)"
by Tyler P
New Orleans, LA
Mileage: 279,206 miles
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I've always been anti-Honda abuse. I feel anyone who drives a Honda or Acura should show their car proper love and respect toward it for being such a great car. That's why I treat my Accords as if they were worth a million bucks each.

I just bought this '86 Accord after missing the one we sold back in 2001. It feels good to be home again. This time around, I got the 5spd version, and it makes the car that much more fun to drive. I don't know why anyone wants a Honda with an automatic, the manual transmissions are just amazing. This Accord, compared to my '96 with only 113k on it, drives just as good as far as performance goes. I can cruise the interstate easily in this 'old' Honda just as good as the rest of the pack out there. Blows my mind away each and every time that I get in and it just fires right up. It's too cool!

The under hood components are all pretty much original. The carburetor, alternator, and battery are the only major mechanical things that have been replaced. Minor things like CV boots etc have come and gone.

I can't wait to see how far this Accord takes me and how easily it gets me there; and back.
by Dan S on November 13, 2007 at 6:29 PM
Great car!! I had a 86 Accord and drove the wheels off of that, it was a 5-speed as well, I now drive a 87 Accord also a 5-speed. I love both of them, I had a 2006 Accord and I think my 87 drives just as well. I also have a 07 Ridgeline, love it.