There are memories behind every mile in a Honda, and we’d love to hear yours. If your odometer has reached a notable milestone, this is the place to share your journey with others who have done the same. Congratulations—not every Honda travels 100,000 miles and beyond. The stories here don’t represent the average expectancy of every Honda. Everyone’s experience is different based on vehicle, driving manner and conditions.

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"The First CRX to Post in the H.M.M. "
by Joseph E
San Antonio, TX
Mileage: 265,233 miles
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I can't believe there are no other CRX's posted in here.

Mine is the little CRX Si that could. I bought it as my second car used in '92 with only 45,000 miles on it. Since then, I have driven it all over.

When I hit the 235,000 mile mark, the original engine had blown it's head gasket for the 4th and last time. So, I did what any other CRX owner in my case has done. I swapped the motor out for another Honda engine, a JDM DOHC ZC with only 35,000 miles on it. I purchased a PG7 ECU for the engine and everything is running smooth.

Just this past summer, I completely rebuilt the suspension and converted the rear drums over to disk brakes. It was a real challenge changing out the bushings, building and installing shock assemblies, and reworking the brakes. I had a lot of fun and my CRX Si is ready to go another 265,000 miles.

I have improved the handling and overall performance. It absolutely flies through the twisties. For those who are curious, it still averages 36 mpg on 93 octane with an estimated 160 hp at the wheels naturally aspirated.

I have added a K&N air filter, Megan Racing SS header, SS glass pack instead of a cat, Yokima SS cat-back exhaust, Russel SS brake lines, KYB AGX 4 way adj. shocks, H&R OE sport springs, Blox aluminum rear lower control arms, Energy Suspension Master Bushing kit and trailing arm bushings, '91 Integra trailing arms for rear disk brake conversion, carbon metallic pads, ACT street disk and pressure plate, and Fuzion HRi 195-60-14 on stock alloy wheels. The car cosmetically is not much to look at as it is very much a project and labor of love.

I have 2 and a half CRX's. One is a chassis and the other will be grafted onto that chassis as it has a bad case of Northern US cancer (road salt induced rust) in the unibody. This will be the biggest challenge yet as I will get to completely build a CRX from scratch. I love the CRX. I look forward to owning a real classic.
by Justin T on November 14, 2007 at 6:15 PM
Looking good! I like the HMM!