There are memories behind every mile in a Honda, and we’d love to hear yours. If your odometer has reached a notable milestone, this is the place to share your journey with others who have done the same. Congratulations—not every Honda travels 100,000 miles and beyond. The stories here don’t represent the average expectancy of every Honda. Everyone’s experience is different based on vehicle, driving manner and conditions.

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"My Accord. My Friend."
by Tyler P
New Oreans, LA
Mileage: 112,000 miles
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My one family owned Accord has served both myself, and my mother well over our almost 12 years of ownership. After 112k miles, no tow trucks, no roadside breakdowns, unexpected major mechanical failures or anything like that, I can't help but say that I'm in awe of how well this Honda, like the 10+ others our family has owned/owns is holding up. With the proper maintenance and care, you can have a 10+ year old Honda that looks, drives, and runs much like it did the day it was new.

My Accord still has plenty of life left in it, I plan to keep it for a very, very long time.

I've been a true Honda lover since my mother had her first Accord, a 1984 Honda Accord. The love has never been stronger. Thank you Honda, Mom and I love you.