Wide-Mode Adjustable 2nd-Row Seats with Armrests and Walk-in Feature

The second row also has added flexibility with a seating position called "wide mode," in which the outboard seats can slide 1.5 inches to each side. The armrests feature a soft-touch material, and the walk-in feature allows easy movement throughout the spacious cabin for the passengers.


Multi-Function 2nd-Row Center Seat

The Odyssey features a multi-function 2nd-row center seat (EX and above) for comfortable seating, thanks to a wide seat cushion. The seatback folds down and has three beverage holders and a tray for small items. The sides feature soft-touch material for use as an armrest. The center seat slides forward 5.5 inches and also contains LATCH anchor mounts for a child seat, allowing the child to be closer to the front-row occupants for better accessibility.


One-Motion 60/40 Split 3rd-Row Magic Seat®

Already known as the industry standard for third-row van seating, the one-motion 3rd-row Magic Seat® creates room for various combinations of people and cargo. The Touring models have a soft-touch folding rear center armrest for added comfort while the rear side glass incorporates integrated sunshades (Touring models). For ease of use, the strap to operate the seat stowage only needs a slight pull and the seat literally stows itself. The storage well is yet another area to store cargo[1].

[1] Carrying too much cargo or improperly storing it can affect the handling, stability and operation of this vehicle. Follow applicable load limits and loading guidelines.


Lower Anchors and Tethers for CHildren (LATCH): Lower Anchors (2nd-Row All, 3rd-Row Outboard), Tether Anchors (2nd-Row All, 3rd-Row All)

Odyssey models are available with up to five Lower Anchors and Tethers for CHildren (LATCH): three in the second-row seating positions (EX and above) and two in the outboard third-row seat positions. The LATCH system provides two lower anchors and an upper tether anchor. When used with a compatible child seat, the LATCH system provides attachment points between the child seat and the vehicle seat.

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